Studiogusto digital partner of the WCD event

Studiogusto digital partner of the WCD event

As CEO of Studiogusto, I immediately accepted Father Enzo Fortunato's invitation to take care of the WCD event website,

as an opportunity to contribute to the development of a great idea of Pope Francis: in recent years I have had the opportunity to collaborate and get to know Father Enzo and I am convinced that there is a lot of contemporaneity in the thoughts and actions of these people.

For my company, Studiogusto, World Children's Day is an opportunity to combine professional experience with a spiritual one, communicating through digital the avant-garde that the modern Church and the Holy Father concentrate daily in all their initiatives.

There is a new tone of voice that wants to reach young people through technology. And it transmits messages of Faith and Identity, and the importance of feeling like we are all under the same sky!

Values that we cultivate every day @Studiogusto.

Mimmo Berterame
CEO Gusto IDS srl